Education Prince George

education Prince George At Prince George Montessori, we offer access to a more approachable type of education to Prince George families with children. Montessori encourages a child’s natural sense of curiosity, laying a strong foundation for a lifetime of enthusiastic learning- and one that will serve your child week in later years. Consider our school for your child’s early education. education Prince George

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Preschool Day Care red deer
Make sure the preschool day care in Red Deer you select is more than just a babysitter for your child. Red Deer Montessori doesn't believe in wasting a single moment of time with your child. We offer a wide range of activities, lessons, hands-on learning options, and so much more to keep your child engaged throughout the entire day. Red Deer Montessori school

Home School Math
Home school math doesn't have to be hard- Montessori To You can pave the way to a firm foundation in mathematics for your child, with early learning tools that are fun to use. Our hands-on math kits make learning enjoyable for children ages 2-7- even older children find them hard to put down. Browse our online store for more information.