The Perfect Summer Camp For Your School-Aged Kids

With Summer only a few more weeks away, it is time to make summer camp plans for your children. Summer camps are a great way for children to enjoy learning, building friendships and gaining new experiences. At Montessori, we have put into place an excellent selection of summer programs for your school aged children that give freedom to play within a structured environment. Children help with the planning of the daily events that allows for ample flexibility.

Each week is based around a particular theme and includes a field trip as well as activities around town. There are cultural based and worldly festivals every week included in every program. Montessori believes in making learning fun while stirring up life and the summer curriculum is no exception. There are eight weeks to choose from and options for registering your child in more than one week.

July – Learn About Our Solar System

Discover if there is Life Out there in the Universe.
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July is filled with out of this world programs. Learning about our solar system or discover if there is life out in the universe. Our twinkle twinkle week is sure to put a smile on your child’s face. Is the moon really made of cheese? Find out and explore the unknown.

August Brings Superheros and Detectives

Let Your Child Imagine Being a Police Officer.
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August captures the essence of real life superheroes, detectives, and a blast from the past. Let your child’s imagination of being a police officer or firefighter come to life or become the next Sherlock Holmes. Our Blast from the Past week will surely bring some of histories greatest people, items, and events into the curious minds of your kids. Try a week of Mixing with The Masters and create masterpieces that are worthy of display.

Montessori has been providing educational experiences to children for decades, and our summer camps are a great way to get your kids involved and taken care of while you work. Our staff are trained professionals, and we believe that summer should be filled with exciting discoveries and entertaining events for your children.

The cost of each week is $175 with four day weeks costing $140. Sign up for one week or the entire summer and ensure that your children are getting the most out of the Montessori experience. Just fill out our easy registration form and check off what weeks you would like your kids to participate in and leave the rest up to us. By the end of the summer, your children will have learned some interesting facts, built some amazing friendships and keep their learning curve on the track to success for the upcoming school year.

The Montessori Child Care Center  is conveniently located at 1448, 5th Avenue. If you have any questions about the summer programs, feel free to contact us, and we will be happy to help out. Enjoy Summer Camps the Montessori Way this summer!