Prince George Elementary Schools

Prince George Elementary Schools

Prince George Elementary Schools

Prince George Elementary Schools

At Prince George Montessori Education Society, our aim is to ensure the integrity and vitality of Montessori Education in Prince George. Our elementary education provides students with the basic foundation needed to learn core subjects. We also help students learn about their environment and the society. Our qualified and experienced teachers will help the students to develop appropriate social skills which will help them all through their entire education. We remain one of the best Prince George elementary schools to enroll your kids.

What Is The Purpose Of Elementary School?

Real education starts at the elementary level. Preschool is considered as a preparatory ground for education and once children are enrolled in elementary schools, formal education is considered to have started.

The major purpose of elementary school is to set the stage for the complete education of the student. It is at this stage of education that the real foundation is laid for the full development of any intellectual. The learning that occurs at the elementary level forms the basis of all other learning for the rest of the students' lives. In addition to introducing children to their environment through basic science, elementary education helps the child develop writing and reading skills, arithmetic skills, and basic social studies. The real purpose, therefore, is preparation for citizenship and further studies.

Why Is Elementary School Important?

Most nations of the world are committed to mass education which generally involves compulsory elementary education for all citizens. This is a clear indication that elementary education is essential for the preparation of children for citizenship and life in general. But why is an elementary school so important? Here are the most important reasons:

It is the Foundation for Learning Core Subjects – Elementary schools are the first major educational institutions where children are introduced to the core subjects that matter in the world. Language skills, math skills, science, and social studies are introduced at the elementary grades. Basically, everything the child needs to get ready for secondary education is taught at the elementary grades.

It Helps Children Understand Their Environment and Society – Science and Social studies are important for children to know better about their environment and society. A better understanding of the environment helps children stay safe and also stimulate them to learn further. Social studies help children understand the way society works, which is important for full development.

It Builds Children's Interest in Duty and Responsibilities in the Society – It is also at the elementary grades that children's interests in duty and responsibilities are developed. Through the various activities they engage in, elementary school students understand what it means to take responsibilities. This helps many to start contributing to their society even at this stage.

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For more information about our elementary school program, contact us today at Prince George Montessori Education Society. Our dedicated representatives will be available to speak with you. We will provide suitable answers to your inquiries and concerns. We look forward to meeting you and your child.

Prince George Elementary Schools
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Prince George Elementary Schools
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