Prince George Preschool

Prince George Preschool

Prince George Preschool

Prince George Preschool

At Prince George Montessori Education Society, our early childhood classroom to help your little ones build skills, gain respect for others, and develop strong confidence. Our preschool program creates a learning community to help kids foster independence. We also provide your kids with various hands-on learning experiences. With this, we are able to get your kids ready for kindergarten. We remain the ideal Prince George preschool for your kids.

Why Is Preschool So Important?

Preschool is more important than most people think. Some erroneously assume that preschools have no serious activities and that children can easily adapt to schools when it is time to start formal education. Preschools are very important as they prepare the child for what schooling actually entails. Preschools offer the right environment children need to strengthen their social and emotional development before enrolling formally in academic classes.

Preschool may look to many people as the place where parents can keep their children and have peace of mind when they go back to work. This is not the whole truth, however. Preschool is so important because it is the place the child can explore, gain a sense of self, socialize and build self-confidence before enrolling in real schools.

What Do Preschool Kids Do?

Preschools are early childhood education centers where children are engaged in many different activities to get them ready for elementary education. As a preparatory ground, preschool offers kids the opportunity to explore and build self-confidence. Here are some of the things preschool kids do:

  • They Learn Numbers and Alphabets – Kids in preschools are introduced to numbers and alphabets. This is where education starts as they learn pre-reading and pre-math skills.
  • They Play With Their Peers – Kids in preschools play with their peers under the watchful eyes of caregivers. They learn social skills like sharing and compromise by playing with their peers and become more confident in the process.
  • They Interact With Caregivers – As kids in preschools interact and build new relationships with adults (caregivers), they learn to trust and become more confident to interact with people order than their parents.
  • They Practice Some Skills – Kids in preschools practice fine motors skills like drawing with pencils and others that help them develop physical skills.
  • And Yes, They eat – You know it already, kids in preschools eat too. Caregivers help to feed them in a healthy manner and they learn from the experience too.

What Age Do Kids Go To Preschool?

Readiness for preschool generally depends on where a child is developmentally. It is considered well-suited for children who are between the ages of 3 and 5. Some preschools will accept children who are as young as 2.5 years, but it is better when kids will be at least 3 by the December of the academic year they are accepted.

Contact Us Today!

For more information about the preschool program we offer, contact us today at Prince George Montessori Education Society. Our dedicated representatives will be available to speak with you. We will provide suitable answers to your questions and concerns. We are the right Prince George preschool that can give your kids the hands-on learning experience they deserve. An amazing experience awaits you.

Prince George Preschool
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Prince George Preschool
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