Montessori Program Elements

There are three key components to Montessori Education: the specially prepared and scientifically designed environment, the adult, whose role is to implement the philosophy and provide the link between the environment, and the child – completing a dynamic triad.

The schools strive to provide the Montessori child with the same teacher for three years.  This allows the teacher to gain intimate knowledge of each child’s unique abilities.  The teacher and the child know where they left-off from year to year and this builds strength by affirming what the child knows best.  The Montessori Program ideally groups children in three-year groups.  This affords maximum stimulation for the young children, enabling them to observe skill modeled by older students.  The classroom has a heritage.  Knowledge and behaviour are passed from one level to the next.  The older children reinforce their own self-esteem and knowledge by providing leadership and academic learning to younger ones.