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Keeping The Routine In Place During Christmas

The holiday season is an exciting time of the year for everyone. As a result, the time away from regular schedules can severely impact routines that have developed over time. Holidays have a greater effect on the daily schedule of children as they enjoy an extended...

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Early Learning (Preschool) With Montessori

When you are choosing an early learning education program for your child, you have a couple of distinct choices. Here in Prince George we offer a private Early Learning Centre, Child Care Centre and Out of School Care program and the PGMES supports a public Montessori...

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Why Choose Montessori School For Your Child

What sets Prince George Montessori school apart from all other learning centres is how children are taught while under our care. The method we use falls under the Montessori Philosophy, which simply states that freedom and responsibility are the keys to success....

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Early Learning Registration:

There are still a few spaces left at the Downtown Early Learning Centre and the Polaris Early Learning Centre

Support your children and teachers through the PGMES become a “friends of Montessori” family sponsorship drive.

We would like to thank all the families that have already donated. We need your support so that we can support our teachers in their Montessori education goals – which makes them better at supporting all our wonderful children in their learning goals.  Please contact to donate or just click the donate button on our website.


Video: A Systematic Research Agenda for Montessori Education

Steven Hughes, PhD, LP, ABPdN is Director of the Center for Research on Developmental Education and Pediatric Neuropsychologist, discusses how he sees research playing a role in supporting the future of Montessori education in the US and around the world…