Although the new school year has just started, there are ways in which you can assist your child or children in building a solid back to school routine at home. Sleeping habits, early bedtimes and days with scheduled activities need to be in place. Here are some tips to help you:

1 – Sleep


Children Require a Good Nights Sleep.
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As your children get older they still require a good night’s sleep. In fact, they actually need between nine and ten hours of solid sleep each night. It may sound like a difficult task but by establishing early bedtimes during the school year you will be helping your child in many ways. A good sleep will make mornings easier to deal with for both you and your child.

2 – Curfew

A curfew may be relaxed during summer holidays but should be put back in place once the school year begins. The precise curfew time will be determined by different factors in your home so you will need to be mindful of the age of the child and what activities he or she participate in. This means you may or may not have a different curfew for an older child in the house.

3 – Schedule

With the new school year underway there are going to be extracurricular activities filling up your child’s social calendar. The best way to keep everything from homework deadlines, band practice and field trips on track is to write them down. A family calendar posted where everyone can see it will do wonders and prevent accidental double-bookings.

4 – Clothing

Get Your Child in the Habit of Laying Out Their Wardrobe the Night Before.
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In addition to adding new clothing to your child’s wardrobe for the new school year, encourage him or her to get into the habit of putting their school day clothes out the night before. This will assist in teaching your child responsibility and organizational skills. Plus, it will eliminate last minute delays or issues the morning before having to catch a bus to class.

5 – Pantry

In a busy household it can be difficult to always have healthy snacks ready for your child to eat when they get home from school or as they do their homework. If you plan ahead and fill the pantry with easy ‘grab ‘n’ go’ healthy items and show your child they are there for their use, you help establish good eating habits between regular meal times.

6 – Homework

The older your child gets, the more homework they will have. You can help build a great homework routine for your child by establishing a study area in your home or their room. With a place dedicated solely for this purpose you are putting in place an environment that encourages your child to complete homework assignments in a non-distracting setting.

Healthy School Habits Build Healthy Students

At Prince George Montessori Education Society we believe that a solid foundation of good habits in the home go hand-in-hand with success in the school environment. For more information on our school program contact us at 250-562-6560.