When your child turns five you have a big decision ahead of you. Do you enroll him or her into traditional Kindergarten or do you stay with the Montessori school system? Children who have entered the Montessori learning system will have begun at age 3. They already have a head start on the children just entering school at Kindergarten. Here is a look at some of the reasons why you should keep your child in Montessori school when they turn five:

Lessons Come Together

The third year your children have been in Montessori is when they turn five. It is at this time many of the lessons learned in the first two years start to come together and form a basic understanding foundation for your child. Many of the early lessons are lost when that child moves into Kindergarten as the teaching curriculum is very different to what has already been learned.

Early Mentorship

When Your Child Turns 5 They Can Start Teaching Younger Students.
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When your child turns five he or she can actually teach younger students some of the lessons they learned at age 3 or 4. This benefits both parties greater and research has proven that to be the case. Your child will become a class leader in this situation by becoming a mentor to a younger student.

Different Curriculum

The Montessori Primary curriculum is built on a more sophisticated level than that of public school Kindergarten lessons. A five-year-old from a Montessori setting placed in Kindergarten will be waiting for classmates to catch up to their level of understanding. Math, sciences and art teachings are far more than basic introductions to the concepts in a Montessori school.


In a Montessori school system your child will not only learn at their own pace, they will lean to be kind and peaceful as this is consciously taught. Learning in a Montessori setting focuses on developing students who truly understand what they are learning rather than learning through memorization.


Children Learn Lessons and Skills by Doing.
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Students in a Montessori school learn practical skills and lessons by doing. This includes hands-on experience, research and investigation. The result is an actively engaged child rather than one that is taught through servings of portions of knowledge at a set and pre-determined public school curriculum pace.


Recognition of different learning styles is encouraged through Montessori lessons. This gives students a more effective way of studying than having all learn in the same way. Plus, with this approach your child will develop self-discipline and an individualized sense of purpose which will create motivational skills.

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