What sets Prince George Montessori school apart from all other learning centres is how children are taught while under our care. The method we use falls under the Montessori Philosophy, which simply states that freedom and responsibility are the keys to success. Children between the ages of 2 and 12 years are welcome, and we have programs developed for each specific age group.

We have built a curriculum upon meaningful activities in a prepared environment, which means each child can progress at their own pace and are encouraged to explore while learning. The core values of the Montessori teaching style include concentration, cooperation, intrinsic motivation and self-discipline. The goal is for students to want to “help me to help myself.”

The Peace Perspective

Our Philosophy Embraces Peace.
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Maria Montessori was an Italian physician and educator who lived from 1870 to 1952. Her philosophy of education bears her name and carries with it a heavy emphasis on the concept of peace. In fact, the peace perspective is a common thread that can be traced through her writings. The curriculum used at Montessori educational facilities embrace this concept.

The way in which this philosophy comes into play is through problem solving strategies. These skills are taught to students who are encouraged to tackle difficulties with peaceful resolution as the ultimate outcome. It is through the implementation of these skills where solving issues with strategy creates a learner better prepared to face the world without fear.

The Growth Measurements

We Monitor the Growth of Several Qualities of Your Child.
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In addition to learning through doing and working together to solve problems, Prince George Montessori Education Society monitors the growth of several qualities in your child. They will include learning through discovery, the enjoyment of learning, independence, sensitivity, cooperation, and communication. These are traits your child will need while growing to adulthood.

The Montessori teaching method gives your child a head start through a learning experience that is not available through traditional teaching facilities. This is a very different way to learn, but it is also a very practical way to learn. You will notice improvements in how your child speaks, what your child does, how your child acts, and how your child treats others.

The Different Programs

There are three main teaching groups offered through Prince George Montessori Education Society. They are Childcare & Early Learning, Elementary School and High School. The curriculum used at each level is designed to be age-appropriate and challenging to the students. To find out more about our teaching facility, contact us today for more information.